Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day Date! My New Man!

This is Bart. He is the new man in my life. We met on Valentine's Day. He is the perfect man. He never argues, always wears a tie, and comes bearing gifts. Until someone can come along and top Bart, Bart will be my steady. Bart's name sake is a little boy I knew in Kindergarten. Bart, the original one always wore a tie to school and always had yellow snot dripping from his nose. My man's name sake, the Kindergarten Bart had a nickname of "Bart the Fart" because he passed gas frequently trying to be funny. I wonder what kind of person the original Bart turned out to be, probably the CEO of a tie company or a Manager of the factory that makes Beano. I am home from work sick today with a really bad cold and sinusitis. Bart has been keeping me company. He has been snuggling with me. So far, Bart has exceeded behavior wise, any man I have met to date. Either Bart is just amazing or I have very low expectations and standards when it comes to men. Until I figure it all out, Bart will be the only man in my life.


Kathryn said...

LOL, you are soo wierd!

IrishPatty said...

I know I am weird. However, I am so turned on by a man in a tie...LOL