Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bono from U2 and Tom

Years ago my son, Tom and his girlfriend back packed through Ireland. Being the U2 fans that they were and my son still is, they waited outside U2's recording studio in Dublin. They stood outside in the rain for days on the off chance of seeing one of the band members. On their last day waiting an old car drove up to the recording studio gate. The driver saw Tom and his girlfriend standing there, back up his car and drove up to them. Lo and behold it was Bono, the lead singer and world activist himself. Bono allowed Tom and his girlfriend to sit in his car and take pictures. He also gave them signed autographs. This is a picture of my son and Bono on one of Tom's best days ever. As an end note, apparently Bono has had a history of not being a very good driver. My son said inside his car there were sticky notes all over his dashboard with driving instructions written on them. One apparently said "put parking brake on when stopped on a hill". I thought I would put this picture up. It is one of his favorites and mine.

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