Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life's Lessons & Commentary dated 1/26/09

A few days ago, I was told that this entry hurt someone's feelings. I have debated as to whether I would delete this entry or revise it based on this. After re-reading the entry and talking with objective friends, I have decided I am not going to delete or revise it at this time. When I write my entries, I am very careful not to name names if I am discussing a subject that may be controversial. I write the entry from my heart discussing my feelings and thoughts. I have no intention of hurting anyone by addressing a specific situation which is why I am discreet with regard to names, places etc. These entries are my truths. They are my side of the street so to speak, essentially what I have learned or am learning from a given situation. When I re-read this entry, it is exactly what I feel or have felt. What would I revise? If I delete it then I am saying I centure my writing based on popular opinion and other people's perceptions. If I start doing that, why write a blog at all? What I would recommend however, if you feel strongly about something I write or have written, please offer a public comment. This blog site provides space for comments. I welcome opinions either positive or negative to anything I write. It is how I learn and how I can appreciate another's point of view.

My life has not been an easy one. I have been blessed with two of the greatest children ever created and I know God is with me every moment. Without my family and my faith, I do not believe I could have survived some of life's tough challenges. I believe God puts people and events in our lives to teach us what we need to know. If we fail to learn the necessary lesson, the situation repeats itself in a different form until we do. There is a person in my life these days that deliberately acts to be hurtful, takes advantage of me and does not seem to get it when confronted. Normally, I would cut a person like this from my life however, I cannot do that at this time. This person was invited into my life by another family member. I am forced to deal with this person on a daily basis though I would rather not. I have wondered many times why my loved one sees this person's constant bad behavior and looks the other way or makes excuses for it. What I know, however is I do not have to tolerate being treated badly by anyone. I establish what is acceptable and what is not...for me. I have been looking lately at what God is trying to teach me by this person being here. What I realized was, God is trying to teach me to be strong, believe in myself and stand up for myself. No one has any right to abuse me in any regard. I have held a firm ground, established what I will accept and and what I will not. I have removed any ability to be used. I do not know if I ever will have a good relationship with this person but I know one thing very clearly....both people have to work at a friendship or relationship with the same amount of gusto for it to be successful. My loved one has not learned this lesson and I pray every day he does. He works 100% and the other person barely contributes. As Maya Angelou says, "we cannot go through life with a catcher's mit on each hand, we have to throw a few back." I guess that is this other person's lession.

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Kathryn said...

Gooo Mom!!! You have paid your dues and deserve happiness. :-)