Saturday, September 6, 2008

The First Day

Wow, the first day of a blog. Having grown up with a Smith Corona and a private diary, it is a new experience setting up an online blog. Boy, the last few years of my life have truly been a roller coaster. I am glad to say I feel as though I have come out of the terrifying loop and am headed up the slope to the sun light and the warm sky. I know life is supposed to be filled with ups and downs but mine has hit such lows that I have wondered if I would survive. I am glad I have survived because there is still so much life to live. First of all, I am still a fairly youthful person. I have 2 amazing, loving, intelligent, and so on, grown children and 3 absolutely perfect grandchildren. I have a son-in-law who is an awesome man, a "Johnny Depp" look a like and a lovely, soon to be daughter in law who has a beautiful smile and a bubbly bright personality. Lets not forget my brother, the link to my roots. He is my rock, my friend, and my connection to all the traits and attributes that make me "Me". I love my family more and more as each day passes. Having lost my parents at a fairly young age I realize the importance of family and cherrish each of them dearly. Anyway, I look forward to using my blog as a written expression of me; the spicy, hot tempered, warm hearted, fiesty irish woman that I am.

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